In memory of and sympathy for

At least two civilians estimated killed
Noor Mohammad, injured
Two others injured

around midnight, December 22/23, 2006

in the village of Najil, 5 kms south of the town of Dawlat Shah, district of Dawlat Shah, Laghman Province. U.S. war planes bombed the home of an alleged local Taliban commander, Abdullah Jan Pashtun (who had fought along with the Hezb-i-Islami faction during the 1980s, joining the Taliban in 1996). Pashtun and his family were not there according to the police chief of Laghman, but neighbors were killed and injured, including Noor Mohammad. A local nomadic Kuchi said three civilians were injured (which given the 1.6:1 injured to killed ratio in Afghanistan, means 2 persons were killed). Pashtun has great influence in the Alingar, Alishang and Dawlat Shah districts. An Islamic website, Jihad Unspun, said that ten civilians were killed and two homes demolished. Ten days ago, U.S. war planes had bombed the area killing four civilians. Some time ago, U.S. forces pounded Pashtun’s house and hideouts which left six of his family members killed. A new Afghan Army forward operating was established in Najil on December 12, 2006, coordinating closely with the U.S PRT facility in nearby Mehtar Lam.

A midnight “precision” bombing attack by U.S. war planes