In memory of

at least an estimated 30 civilians

killed during September 3 – 9, 2006

in the villages of Panjwayi, Zangabad, and Sufid Rawan in the Panjwayi district of Kandahar Province as a result of the Canadian-led assault (Operation Medusa) upon the area. It is unclear whether the 50 reported deaths are in addition to the 21 persons slaughtered earlier in Zangabad (hence the figure about of 30). A resident said the fighting was so intense in the above-named areas that people could neither bury their dead nor ferry the injured to hospitals. Locals reported that war planes hit civilians trying to bury their dead. A villager said, “we helped to drag the bodies out of the mud…but then more bombs landed and those people were killed. Now nobody wants to recover the bodies…” Another mentioned that those outside their mud-walled homes with children and livestock and those remaining in their homes were being indiscriminately targeted by U.S/NATO aircraft. He reported that a family member of his was killed around September 5th but could not be buried and that 2 boys were buried when the roofs of their homes collapsed under the “precision” bombing and the intensity of the air attacks prevented burying some 50 dead civilians. He added that most civilians had tried to flee and live with relatives elsewhere, adding “the residents of Panjwayi want the war to be stopped so that they (can) bury the people killed in the bombings and shift the injured, dead and their luggage to other areas.” Only a few injured have been  able to reach Kandahar’s Mir Wais Hospital where doctors said that the head wounds, shrapnel cuts and other wounds were consistent with explosions. A near total news blackout prevails with the NATO forces indicating that they would report upon any civilian deaths after appropriate investigations. Persons from Panjwayi are not allowed to exit for fear that they would tell the truth of what has been taking place there since September 2, 2006. The few independent reports emerging from the Panjwayi/Pashmul area stress that there are no signs of 600 dead Taliban claimed to be the kill by NATO. Most of the Taliban simply moved out of the region.

Killed as a result of U.S/NATO “precision” bombing and ground attacks