In memory of


at least 25 (-40) civilians killed, including

Maulvi Mohammed Towha’s 2 sons

killed at around 2 A.M. December 27/28, 2001


in the hamlet of Turi Kheyl near the village of Naka, Paktika Province. U.S. warplanes targeted the Taliban leadership in so-called decapitation air strikes, but merely destroyed 15 homes, many cattle and killed 25-40 villagers. The “precision” strike killed two sons of Mullah Towha, but Towha was not there. Residents said the attack took place when people were sleeping. The bombing was so severe that victims could not be identified. Kathy Gannon reported that Maulvi Towha and Taliban governor Maulvi Abdul Kabir had fled Jalalabad on November 16th. Towha was the former Taliban security chief in Nangarhar Province and the grandson of Khalifa Sahib of Naka village who was one of the earliest mujahideen fighters against the Soviets. The U.S. raid also killed a Pakistani tribesman, Aziz Gharawal, who had fought alongside the Taliban. The U.S press gloatingly and falsely reported that the Taliban’s intelligence chief, Qari Ahmadullah, had been killed in this bombing strike (for details why not, see the report by Rahimullah Yusufzai 5/10/02).


A raid by B-52s which dropped 500 and 2,000 lb bombs and a strafing attack by an AC-130 gunship