In memory of

 A mother

and two children

killed during the week of September 11, 2006

in a village in the mountainous Andar District, Ghazni Province, directly south of Ghazni city. During the week, U.S. occupation and Afghan forces attacked villages in the district – racking them with helicopter gunship fire, breaking into and searching “Taliban” compounds, etc. thereby creating future Taliban. At least 35 people were killed including a mother and two children. The Associated Press’s Paul Garwood (comfortably ensconced in Kabul, hotel journalism?) predictably parroted the line of the military and local government, saying “20-30 Taliban” were killed in raids upon three villages on September 13th. His claim could not be independently verified. Declan Walsh of the British Guardian, however, reported from Ghazni on September 16th.

Precisely killed by U.S. helicopter gunship fire