In memory of


a man in his 20’s

  died on a cold night in November 2002

at the “Salt Pit facility,” a top-secret CIA-run prison north of Kabul in an abandoned brick factory on a 10-acre site. A CIA case officer oversaw Afghan ‘guards’ working under CIA supervision who dragged a detainee around on the concrete floor, chained him to the floor, stripped him, and left him in the cold of Kabul over night in the cell. By morning, the victim had frozen to death. In the morning, the Afghan ‘guards’ buried him in a secret, unmarked cemetery. The captive’s family have never been notified.  The CIA case officer was promoted afterwards. More details can be read at:

The involvement of a CIA operative in the death by hypothermia was ruled not worthy of bringing charges according to the Bush Justice Department in November 2005, three years after the incident.  

A C.I.A. case officer