In memory of


A father

killed in April 2005

somewhere in Zabul Province. An occupation convoy of U.S. Humvees of the 5th Battalion, 25th Artillery Regiment, 10th Mountain Division struck an antitank mine as it drove into a dry river bed. A father, a tribal leader with pomegranate orchards, was sitting in a nearby hamlet’s mosque. He was rounded up by “coalition troops.” Twenty days later, his body was dropped off at a hospital. His son whom Elizabeth Rubin interviewed in October 2006, said, “I couldn’t control myself…I wanted to avenge. I knew where the Taliban operated, because they would come at night, and so I found the commander of a small group. He welcomed me warmly and told me: ‘It is the time of jihad. You are a lion and a hero’.”  Some months later, the son was wounded in a firefight with U.S. occupation forces. Seven metal clamps now hold this young man’s leg together.

Killed while in U.S. captivity in Zabul