In memory of


a dozen Kuchi nomads

4 villagers and 3 guests

3 civilians

13 civilians

killed December 4-6, 2001

in a string of villages north of Kandahar – Shawalikot (Shah Wali Kot), Sarband, and Arghandab (Argandab). The Taliban were fleeing their spiritual capital, Kandahar. The U.S Special Forces 5th Group was “escorting Karzai and his men towards Kandahar” providing heavy air and ground support. Two families of Kuchi nomads were killed when U.S. bombers mistook their camp for a Taliban position. Twelve were buried in a single grave on the spot: a small boy’s prayer cap and a little girl’s shoes decorate the grave. 4 other villagers and three visitors from Uruzgan perished in Shawalikot,15 kms north of Kandahar, a village of some 20 buildings nestled at bottom of a valley. In a nearly bazaar town – Sarband – where Taliban fighters had massed, U.S. bombing killed 3 civilians. Closer to Kandahar, 13 more civilians perished under U.S. “precision” bombs in the town of Argandab.

Some 35 civilians die under U.S. “precision” bombing providing cover to Karzai as his forces moved southward into Kandahar.