In memory of and sympathy with


a 17-year-old girl, killed

a woman, a man a child injured

killed and injured on September Sunday, September 23, 2006

in the Qurghal area of Tagab District, Kapisa Province. Insurgents had attacked U.S occupation and Afghan forces. In response U.S. war planes were called-in and dropped “precision” bombs. Residents (Ali Wali, 30) and local officials (Enayatullah Kochi, head of the provincial council) said that a girl had been killed and other civilians wounded. As usual, the U.S. military propaganda office opined that there had been no bombing. We know about this incident because of the independent reporting of Pajhwok Afghan News. The Associated Press is silent, preferring instead to report on Bush reiterating support for Karzai.

killed by U.S. “precision” bombing