In memory of


Zaryalai, a 12-year-old boy

killed on March 22, 2007

in the outskirts of Kabul by (trigger-happy) British occupation forces serving under NATO command. A family was driving home from a family gathering with relatives. The civilian vehicle was fired-upon by British forces who deemed it had come too close. Zaryalai’s father recounted: “all of a sudden they opened fire at our vehicle. The first three bullets hit my car and the fourth one hit my 12-yr-old son in the side of his head.” The police chief in the area of Kabul said he was deeply disturbed by the incident, adding “we’ve had this sort of problem all over Afghanistan.” The police chief was later threatened by the Karzai puppet regime with dismissal for speaking out over the killing. Photo by Al Jazeera (not the Associated Press!) shows father and son. The two latter photos of Zaryalai were taken by Massoud Hossaini (AFP and posted by Getty Images).

British occupation ground forces