In memory of


Zarmina Amanullah, 7

Fazela Amanullah, 5 (injured)

Parwana Amanullah, 11 (injured)

Ferozan Amanullah, 14-yr-old girl (injured)

Najibullah M. Yassir, 12-yr-old boy (injured)

Latifa Allah Ghuiam, a 25-yr-old woman (injured)

on October 14, 2001

In the Debury neighborhood of Kabul close to Darul Aman. A U.S. “precision” bombing strike killed 7-year-old Zarmina, injured her two sisters and brother, another child and a 25-year-old woman. The presumed U.S. target was the Rishkor garrison. U.S. bombs had also hit Bala-Hissar, a 6th century fort, reducing it to rubble.

A U.S “precision” bombing strike upon Kabul