In memory of


Zarlash Said, newly-wed wife

Iqbal Said, newly-wed husband

killed at 11:30 P.M. in the night of November 7/8, 2001



The newly-wed couple of Zarlash and Iqbal, 34, a tailor, had just moved into a small apartment in the Karte Parwan neighborhood of Kabul. They had married six weeks ago. The couple was asleep in the front room when the U.S. “precision” bomb hit, killing them both. Pillows, clothes, and the young bride’s belongings were scattered about the destroyed home. The young woman’s grandmother sobbed, “Why did they do this? Find your enemies. But why are you killing us?” The U.S. projectile was allegedly aimed at the residence of a Taliban official.



Killed in a midnight U.S. “precision” air strike in northwest Kabul