In memory of


Zargunah, 3

Haji Berget, 85 –yr-old village leader

Muhammad Sadiq, 35 (injured) 

died at 1 A.M. on May 22/23, 2002

in the hamlet of Bandi Temur, a poor collection of mud brick homes to 105 families, 95 kms west of Kandahar. At least 6 large black Chinook helicopters filled with U.S and Canadian Special Forces swooped down into the village. Troops spewed out, yelling, firing rounds into walls of the large compounds and hurling stun grenades. Haji Berget Khan, 85, a Pashtun village leader, was sleeping on a patch of grass outside his home. He was seen running stiffly to the white mosque with armed men pursuing him. Hakim, an animal herder, heard a burst of gunfire from inside the mosque. Later, villagers found Haji, dead with a bullet hole in his head. Hakim added, “We found bits of his brain on the wall.” The U.S and Afghan Special Forces (from the brutal old Khad secret police) tied up the village women and the Americans lifted their burqas. At that point, Zargunah, 3, daughter of Oqum Bibi, 30, bolted, shrieking in terror, from a compound out into the darkness. She fell into the 60-ft village well, breaking her back and dying. A car riddled with bullets lay at the edge of Bandi Temur. Another woman, Naibo, said, “they shot my husband, Abdullah, and they beat me and bound my hands and eyes…he drives a taxi and he said he was tired and was feeling sick and would sleep in the car. They shot him.” Muhammad Sadiq, 35, was shot in the legs. The U.S Bagram Air Base propaganda center said the village was a haven for Taliban leadership. None were found.

A U.S and Canadian Special Forces (U.S Special Forces 1st Group) raid a small village, arriving in middle of the night in Chinook helicopters.