In Sympathy for


Yasmin Gul, 10

injured on the first night of the U.S. bombing, October 7, 2001


A little after 9 P.M., Gul Sher and his wife gathered their 12 children, left their mud brick home in the village of Gush Ghombad, headed towards trenches they had dug amidst aspen trees near a clear stream. Everyone in the village was rushing for shelter. As the family settled into the trench, Gul noticed that his daughter, Yasmin, 10, was missing. Yasmin was helping her 6-yr-old brother across the stream. Then came a huge explosion. When Gul Sher picked himself up, his daughter was writing on the ground with a smashed foot and lower leg.


Victim of a U.S. “precision” air strike on a village near Jalalabad