In memory of


Yaqub, a father

Mohammad Yusaf’s brother, 44

3-4 other civilians killed


killed on November 12-13, 2001


in the neighborhood of Bahlol Swahib in the central city of Ghazni. U.S war planes bombed Ghazni heavily on November 12-13th – the first time the city was bombed by U.S. war planes. The Taliban Army’s 14th Division maintained a base in Ghazni. After abandoning Kabul, the Taliban and associates fled either towards Tora Bora or Kandahar. The bombing of Ghazni leveled homes, injured many, and killed at least 5-6 including Yaqub and Mohammad Yusaf’s brother. Report based upon interviews in Ghazni on March 30, 2002 by a team headed-up by Marla Ruzicka. The BBC Monitoring Service reported that 5 Taliban of Division #14 were killed in the bombing. The Taliban abandoned Ghazni on November 14th.


U.S. bombing of inhabited neighborhoods