In memory of



died at 2 P.M around November 18, 2001

in the Baraki neighborhood of Kabul. Anwar, a Tajik man in his 40s who lived in the neighborhood, told Human Rights Watch what happened near his home in the third week of November: “there was a petrol pump near our house, where regular trucks and Taliban trucks got their petrol. At about 2:00 P.M., I heard a helicopter overhead. I knew it was a helicopter because of the sounds they make…I did not tell my family to take cover because I thought helicopters could not fire major weapons…but, this helicopter fired something at the petrol pump and when it exploded it felt like an earthquake was in the ground…there was a man killed in the blast, his body was blasted to pieces and scattered in the street…in the place where the pump was, a big fire was burning.”

Another U.S “precision” air strike