In memory of


3- 30 people killed, including:

Woman killed

Child killed

during February 23-27, 2008


in the Gandamrez, Baba, Omarabad, and Naichai areas of the Kajaki district of Helmand Province. U.S-led occupation forces raided homes and received small arms fire. In the ensuing gunfight, a woman and a child in a home were killed by “Coalition forces.” A district elder said U.S-led troops had bombarded the area at night, killing 3 and injuring 4. As usual, the U.S. propaganda spokesman, a U.S. Army Major Chris Belcher, put forth the pabulum that “the assailants were killed when Coalition forces responded in self-defense.” U.S. occupation forces also detained and abducted two persons. However, later reports filled in details over the much greater civilian toll. Residents on Tuesday, claimed 40 people had died as a result of NATO raids in the region. NATO occupation forces bombed houses and civilian vehicles, killing many according to Haji Agha Lalai, a local; elder who spoke with Pajhwok Afghan News (the US corporate media was not interested, devoting its newsprint instead to Prince Harry’ foibles in Helmand). Another resident, Ahmadullah, claimed that a NATO air raid had killed 30 civilians in Omarabad and Naichai. Most were killed while trying to flee the area from the raids. The Taliban claimed 22 civilians had been killed in the Kajakai district as a result of the NATO onslaught. Predictably, a British military spokesperson in Lashkargah rejected any civilian casualties – they just do not exist.



Killed by U.S. occupation forces