In memory of and sympathy for


Unknown number of civilians killed

Abducted 15 persons

Beat-up 90-yr-old man

on May 16, 2009


in the remote, mountainous area of Achin, southeast of Jalalabad. Whereas Afghan and US military propaganda said 15 “militants” had been captured, local officials said the abducted men were civilians. They added that the occupation troops had beaten up the civilians while making the arrests. Malik Zarjan, police chief of the Achin district, told Agence France Presse, “I went to the area and saw a 90-year-old man who was badly beaten by Americans. He was screaming.” The Americans most likely were from the U.S. Special Forces-Afghan unit called Shaheen operating out of Jalalabad. On April 28th, U.S. occupation forces had raided homes in the Alchin area, claiming to have killed “several militants,” who were most likely civililans. 

Abducted, beaten-up and killed by U.S. Special Forces-Afghan unit called Shaheen