In memory of and sympathy for


Umar Khan, 4, son of Khan Muhammad, 35

Sher Ali Aqa, 75, father of Khan Muhammad, wounded 

during April 2008 

in the village of Tajoi near Kajaki, Helmand Province.  The village was “precision” bombed by US/NATO war planes. Khan Muhammad, 35, recounts that the Taliban had fired upon an occupation force patrol, continuing “we don’t know from which side they fired, but we heard that. Half an hour or an hour later they (US/NATO) bombed.” Speaking about his 4-yr-old son who was killed, Khan said, “his mother was cooking, and he was lying beside her. The whole village was destroyed, and after that we left.” His father, Sher Ali Aqa, 75, was trapped under the rubble of their home and his leg was shattered. Mr. Muhammad concluded, “I blame the foreigners. If the Taliban fire from over there, do you come and bomb this village?” He added that the level of violence made him realize that foreign forces could not bring security. 

Mr. Khan Muhammad led a group of 40 people from his extended family in April 2008 to a refugee camp located on a barren piece of land on the western edge of Kabul. We owe this story to the careful, independent reporting of Carlotta Gall of The New York Times.

A village in Kajaki being hit by a “precision” dropped by a B1-B bomber on March 18, 2007 (photo by John Moore) 

Precisely killed when US/NATO bombed a village