In Memory of


Two women

Azrat Ali, 6

Abdul Wali, 28, father and shopkeeper

Fakhir, 21, brother of Tahir and driver

Saleh Mohd, 21, son of Negmatullah and farmer

Syed Mohd, father

Syed Mohd’s mother

Latifa Mohd, girl

Nejeba Mohd, girl

Fauze Mohd, boy

killed in early December 2001

in the hamlet of Kazi Karez (Kariz) near to the Kandahar airport. U.S. war planes bombed the area ferociously for days trying to kill or drive out Taliban and associates at the airport. Dozens of un-named civilians died as ‘collateral damage.’ People in the village said that when the U.S. bombs fell, they heard shouting from the Mohd’s house. When they entered the shattered home, they saw that all members of the Mohd family had been killed except for a little girl less than 10 yrs-old. Refugees who fled Kandahar for neighboring Pakistan said attacks by US B-52s and other warplanes were heavy and relentless. "There are a lot of casualties, they are martyrs, and they are mostly civilians [due to the bombing]," says Abdul Sattar, a seminary student who left Kandahar in late November. The persons above were identified by interviews in Kazi Karez during March 2002 by a member of the team of Marla Ruzicka.

U.S. “precision” bombing of Kandahar and the airport area