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Two men killed

One woman killed

A child injured

An old man injured

Four women injured



during the day of Tuesday, August 9, 2005

near Mala (Mareh?) village in Deh Chopan district in southern Zabul Province. U.S. aircraft “precision” bombed the village area beginning at 8 A.M. until night time, destroying two civilian homes, killing three civilians and injuring 5-6 according to Abdul Haim, a relative of the wounded. The wounded were brought to a hospital in Qalat. Abdul Malik, a doctor at Qalat hospital, confirmed that, “we received five wounded in that hospital. Three of them were critically wounded, and we transferred them to Kandahar, and we are still treating the other two.” A U.S. lieutenant colonel, Jerry O’Hara, (as usual) said that the three-day U.S. military operation in Zabul had ended on Tuesday, adding “we have no reports of any non-combatants injured…” The fierce U.S. bombing on Tuesday took place the day after a U.S soldier (1st Battalion, 3rd Special Forces Group) on patrol in the area was shot and killed.

Victims of a day-time U.S. “precision” aerial attack