In memory of 


Two boys aged 7 and 10

A woman, mother of the boys

Three men (including boys’ father)

killed just after midnight of March 19/20, 2008


in the village of Muqibel (Maqbal) of the Nadir Shah Kot district Khost Province. U.S. occupation forces entered the village around midnight (typical time for such U.S. raiding parties) to raid two homes and were met with gunfire by residents who thought they were being robbed. A firefight ensued, the result of which was six dead Afghan civilians all members of the same family. The photos below depict some of the victims:


A resident, Muhammad Nabi, told the independent Pajhwok Afghan News that occupation forces were conducting a search operation but residents thought armed burglars had entered their home.  U.S. propaganda spokesman, Major Chris Belcher, said U.S-led forces were searching a “compound” for a militant named Bismullah. He predictably asserted that “militants” shot at troops, who returned fire and killed :”several militants” including Bismullah. Belcher admitted the deaths of a woman and a child, laying the fault upon the “militants” who were firing from buildings where the civilians were.


The following day people in the area to demonstrate their anger. 


Killed in a midnight raid by U.S. forces