In memory of


Two boys, 7 and 13

on the night of July 1, 2002

in the village of Kakarak in Uruzgan Province. A villager who survived, Pir Jan, recounted. He had been sitting in the courtyard of a house where the U.S. “precision” attack had blasted a hole in the roof of a home. The blast killed two boys – aged 7 and 13 – who had been sleeping on the flat rooftop. Pir Jan said 5 other children were injured in the house. But the biggest damage was caused in the homes next door where the engagement party was underway. The governor of Uruzgan – a pro –U.S. Karzai associate – who visited the day after the attack, said “they were collecting body parts in a bucket.”

A U.S. “precision” air strike upon Kakarak