In sympathy for



Two Afghan civilian men

abducted on May 14th and 18th , 2004



in two villages south of Qalat, Ghazni Province, the villages of Gurjay and Sukhagen. The U.S. Special Force soldiers abused prisoners there in ways quite similar to Abu Ghraib.  The soldiers posed for trophy photos with hooded prisoners in mock executions. A prisoner was beaten with a baseball bat, had his nose broken, and then had a pistol shoved in his mouth. Another was taken behind a house, emerging minutes later bleeding profusely from the head. Photographs of the abuse were found on a CD in July 2004, but the U.S. occupation forces then destroyed the evidence (details in  The abuse was not investigated or went unpunished despite official corroboration of the allegations. The files were eventually released in February 2005 because a U.S. court forced the U.S. Government to hand them over after the ACLU filed a FOIA request.  The report (available on the Internet) indicates systematic abuse by U.S. occupation forces like at Abu Ghraib and elsewhere in both Iraq and Afghanistan.  




Abused and tortured by members of the U.S. Special Forces based at Fire Base Tycze in Deh Rawud, Uruzgan Province.