In memory of


Toor Jan’s wife

His mother

His daughter

3 nephews


about midnight in late Spring 2008


in the Nad Ali district of Helmand Province. We only know about this terrible attack almost a year after it happened (indicating that this data base clearly underestimates the actual numbers of innocent Afghans killed by U.S. and NATO actions). Farhad Peikar wrote about it for the Deutsche Press Agentur (3/30/2009),

About midnight on a calm spring night, Toor Jan awoke to a sudden jolt and a loud, deafening blast. He stumbled out of his bed and rushed outside to find out what happened, but his eyes saw only flames and thick dust. It did not take him long to realize that the catastrophe was not caused by thunder or an earthquake, but by a bomb dropped from a NATO military airplane. Jan’s brother, his mother, his young daughter and his three nephews were killed in a NATO airstrike that hit their home in Nad Ali district of southern Helmand province in the late spring of 2008. He and some members of his family survived the attack because the bomb destroyed only one part of his house. “Eight or nine hours before the bombardment, there was a clash between the Taliban and foreigners, but when my house was bombed there was no fighting or Taliban in the area,” Jan said. Like hundreds of families, who left their homes for safer places, because of mounting NATO airstrikes, today Jan and his family - consisting of his wife, five children, his brother’s widow and her three children - live in a makeshift camp in the western outskirts of Kabul. “I could not wait and see the rest of my family die in aerial bombardments,” Jan said, adding: “Thousands of people were killed after we left the area, so if I had stayed, God knows, if any of us would have lived by now.” Jan said that he preferred to live in a tent during this year’s harsh winter - despite its lack of heating and sometimes inadequate food - rather than nervously eye the skies every day. “I would be more than happy to see the Taliban are back to power, at least I can go back to my home and live a peaceful life, the way I did in Taliban’s time,” Jan said. “The foreign forces have lost the war here, it is just a matter of when the Taliban throw them out of this country,” Jan said. “I am the only breadwinner for this big family; otherwise I would have already joined the Taliban and would have taken my revenge.”

Killed by US/NATO close air support midnight attack