In memory of and sympathy for



Three men killed

6 civilians injured

7 civilians abducted

during the evening of Friday, May 9, 2008

 in a hamlet of the Marko area of Ghanikhel district, Nangarhar Province. A U.S. occupation force raid killed 3 civilians according to local residents. The U.S attacked the home of Abdul Malik. An elderly man was shot in a mosque and 2 other men employed as drivers were killed in their homes. Four other civilians were injured in the raid and seven were abducted to a fate unknown. "The Americans killed three civilians," said demonstrator Pizwan Khan. "They were my neighbors and I knew they were not Taliban," he told Agence France Presse. "The coalition claimed they were fired upon from a house and the enemy were gathered there, but the villagers claim those people who were killed were innocent civilians," said Mohammad Hashem Ghamsharik, spokesman for the Nangarhar governor. Malik Sohail, tribal chief of the Shinwaris said 7 people were abducted by US troops during the night-timer raid. He added that all killed, injured and abducted were members of one family,


The independent Pajhwok Afghan News service published a photo of one of the victims (something the Associated Press rarely does though it frequently publishes photos of Taliban suicide attack victims – so-called “good bodies”):


JALALABAD, May 10: Bodies of civilians killed by foreign forces in an overnight operation in Ghani Khil District of eastern Nangarhar province. Local residents claim foreign troops killed 3 civilians and wounded 4 other in the operation. PAJHWOK/Abdul Moheed Hashemi

 Photo by Rafiq Shirzad, Reuters

 Predictably, the US military propaganda machine in Kabul said its troops had only killed “militants” who had attacked troops searching for a “foreign fighter network.” The fountain of military propaganda, ISAF occupation spokesman, Portuguese Brigadier General Carlos Branco, said “if we see that there is the possibility of 0.1 per cent of civilian casualties we do not launch the operations.”

 On Saturday, up to a thousand protesters took to the main road protesting the deaths. They showed the corpses of the three dead victims (Reuters published a photo, but the Associated Press barely mentioned the incident preferring to headline its wire report with “US coalition: Militants killed in Afghanistan”). The protesters chanted “Death to America,” “Death to Bush, death to Karzai.” The local Afghan police shot at the stone-throwing demonstrators, killing three and injuring four others. 

Killed, wounded and abducted during a

US occupation force night-time raid