In memory of


Tella Gul’s husband’s 2nd wife

Tella Gul’s 4 daughters

3 other civilians

during the night of September 25/26, 2007


in the Watapur district of Kunar near the border. US warplanes bombarded a village killing at least 5 civilians. People wounded being treated in a hospital in Asadabad said about 8 civilians were killed. A woman, Tella Gul, said according to Agence France Presse (not the Associated Press which as usual showed no interest), “Four of my daughters are killed and my husband’s second wife has also been killed in the bombing.” According to Pajhwok Afghan News, Watapur resident Muhammad Yousaf brought his injured sister to the hospital too. He insisted five civilians were killed in the operations. The foreign troops bombarded the house of my sister and killed three minors and a woman. My sister was critically injured." He alleged another house was also bombarded, with one man perishing there. An angry Yousaf protested: "Both Taliban and Americans are killing us; we don’t know where to go"   

Killed in a night-time US “precision” air strike