In memory of


 Tauz Khan’s father

His brother

His daughter

2 other family members

during 2007 

in the Sangin district of Helmand Province where bombing and fighting were intense during 2007. Tauz Khan, a man from the Sangin district lost 5 family members – including his father, brother and a daughter – in the US/NATO bombings. He told Carlotta Gall who spoke with him in a refugee camp in the west of Kabul, “You cannot take revenge against a plane. But I will not forgive the foreigners for this crime.”


Let’s recall Sangin during 2007:

The only “result” of the much-trumpeted “Operation Achille” begun on March 6, 2007 involving 5,700 NATO and Afghan forces in the Helmand region, was the supposed re-conquest of Sangin on April Fool’s Day 2007 after one full month of intense aerial bombing (the photo depicts Sangin after the “liberating” NATO bombs). But even that proved to be a mirage and a second operation, “Operation Silicon” was launched on April 30th, but the Taliban withdrew from the town of Sangin. The US/NATO bombing however continued terrorizing villagers, destroying homes and stores. NATO-led Afghan troops entered villages engaging in wholesale looting. Ahmad Nisar said, “I had a business. It was the only source of income for my family. The militaries entered and stole everything, going away with 20 thousand dollars.” Other villagers told similar stories. No doubt most of the “400 Taliban” reportedly killed during Operation Achille were women, elderly, children and other civilians; the stream of injured who made their way to Emergency’s hospital in Lashkar Gah are a solid testimony, far more credible than vague statements put forth by military propaganda experts in Bagram, Kabul or Kandahar.    

Killed precisely by US/NATO bombing