In memory of and sympathy for


 Tauskhan Palwesha’s wife

Tauskhan’s daughter, 9, burned

in November 2007


in the Sangin district of Helmand Province. Tauskhan Palwesha remembers that day in November, “Bullets were flying past our home. Suddenly a plane flew by and dropped a bomb. I heard a loud noise and everything around me burst into flames. I looked for my wife and saw that a beam had gone right through her head, spilling her brains onto the floor. My nine-year-old daughter had burns all over her body. When I picked her up, I noticed that she was missing an arm.” Palwesha went to Kabul to protest the murderous assault. His face red with anger, he said, “I never supported the Taliban before. But now I’ve lost everything. The foreign troops killed my family and destroyed my house.” Palwesha carries with him a wrapped blanket, speckled with faded brown spots that he says are his daughter’s blood. Unwrapping the cloth, he reveals a burned stump, saying “This was part of her bone. I’m going to take this and drop it on Karzai’s desk. He has to help me. If he ignores me, I will go to the Taliban. I am ready to die. I am ready to become a suicide bomber because I have nothing left to live for.” NATO bombs have killed thousands of innocent Afghans, fuelling support for the Taliban and their allies. The western mainstream press looks the other way (just as the Pentagon wishes). We know about Palwesha because of the independent reporting by Anand Gopal of Rome-based Inter Press Service (IPS).


Slaughtered by a “liberating” NATO “precision” bomb