In Memory of


Sultan Bibi’s 2 daughters

and her daughter-in law

during the night of October 30/31, 2001

in the Shahr-i-Nau neighborhood of Kandahar. U.S. warplanes struck two bungalows and survivors said over a dozen civilians died. One of the houses accommodated the offices of a mobile medical team, the other a family who had moved there because they felt it was safer. Among the injured was 62-yr-old Sultan Bibi who was in one of the bombed bungalows. She wept relating to Rahimullah Yusufzai the loss of her two daughters and a daughter-in-law. Lying in another ward of the Mir Wais Hospital was a heavily bandaged 8-yr-old boy who was said to have lost all his family members in another U.S. “precision” strike upon Kandahar. Mullah Omar had a residence-office in the Shahr-i-Nau district of Kandahar. Bin Laden had attended the wedding of Mullah Omar’s son there.

U.S. “precision” strikes upon the city of Kandahar