In memory of



Sufi Zulmay, 38, father of five

Bashir Ahmadís  father and his 3  uncles

Mohammesha, 30, a truck driver

Abdolahadís brother, a man

Samadís daughter, injured

Bashir Ahmad, 25, injured

died at 1:45 PM on October 22, 2001


in the village of  Qala Shater (Shaker) near Herat. At 8 AM, U.S warplanes had attacked a Taliban garrison and arms depot 500 meters away from the village, setting it ablaze. At 1:45 PM, the planes returned dropping cluster bombs. The U.S bombs killed Sufi Zulmay, 38, father of 5 as well as other people in the village. Bashir Ahmad , 25, was at home when the cluster bomb hit. His father, a teacher, was killed, as were the husbands of three of his motherís sisters. Ahmadiís brother, Mohammesha (Shah Mohammad), 30, was killed. Ahmadi was injured in the leg and foot. Shah Mohammad recalled, ďMy brother was on the roof of my neighbor Fahridís house when the bombs hit. He was 30 and had three little sons, aged 10, 5 and 3.Ē At least 9 people died in the attack and 13 others were injured. Samadís daughter had her stomach ripped open by flying shrapnel.

The independent journalist, Doug Struck, visited the neighborhood in February 2002 and reported upon Bashir Ahmad. He wrote,

Bashir Ahmad, 25, lives in a crowded warren of mud-brick homes about a mile from the military camp on the outskirts of Heart, and almost as close to a second camp. He was on his roof, feeding his pet pigeons and chatting with his father and a neighbor, when a US plane passed overhead. The shy blossomed with mustard-colored canisters floating from tiny parachutes, he said. Suddenly, his neighborhood was an inferno of shrapnel and fire. Pieces of the cluster bombs ripped through his back, arms, legs, and side. As he stumbled from the high-walled homes, he saw the remains of the other two men. ďI know the Americans were aiming at the army camps,Ē said Ahmad, whose home was destroyed and who lost partial use of an arm. ďWhat is the use of being angry?Ē When the smoke cleared, the area was littered with dozens of the canisters.

The UNís Stephanie Bunker said 20 of the 45 homes in the village were partially or totally destroyed. By late January 2002, at least 41 people had been killed and 46 injured in Herat and nearby villages by unexploded U.S cluster bombs. In the village of Rabat, half an hour west of Herat, the BLU-97 bomblets killed 10 people. In Qala Shater, 12 civilians were killed by bomblets. Each CBU-87 and CBU-97 bomb scatters bomblets over an area of 20 football fields.


A U.S cluster bomb attack dropping BLU-97 bomblets made by Aerojet General/Honeywell.