In memory of


Sobara (9)’s  mother, younger brother and 2 relatives

killed during October 2001 

in a neighborhood of Kabul. Three bombs intended for a Taliban military post on a hill missed their target and struck Sobara’s home. Luckily for her, Sobara, 9, was at a neighbor’s. Her bother had not told her his story – that when he heard the bombs, he ran from his vegetable stand at the end of the village to find the pile of rubble that had been their mud-brick home. There, he grabbed a hand, protruding through the smashed bricks, which he thought was that of his younger brother. The hand came away with no body attached. For 100 days, U.S. bombs had been falling upon Afghanistan: 12,000 air strikes with fire power worth GBP 1.4 billion, up to 15 million pounds of explosives which destroyed at least 6o homes in Kabul. 

On January 18, 2002, a bewildered Sobara asked Richard Shears of the Daily Mail (London) standing amidst the rubble of her home on the outskirts of Kabul, why America and Britain had killed her mother. 

Killed by imprecise high-level U.S/U.K bombing of Kabul