In memory of


Shirin, 12, son, of Zaher Jan

died in the night of July 1, 2002

in the village of Kakarak. Sahib Jan, 25, who escaped the U.S bombardment, was among the first to help the wounded and gather up the dead at the wedding massacre. Walking through the compounds 5 days later, Sahib named those who had been killed, pointing out specifically the blood stains and shreds of shrapnel still lying around. He stood over a dark patch of dried blood under a arch where a 12-yr-old boy had died, “his name was Shirin, the son of Zaher Jan. There was shrapnel in his head.” Nazaka, 70, had run from her house into a nearby orchard, “when the first bomb hit, I escaped to the garden…I took my grandson and another woman who had been injured. I pulled her by her shirt. I was in the orchard in the far corner, and it got me.” She showed Carlotta Gall shrapnel wound in her leg. Gall wrote, “around her in the orchard, there was unspeakable gore. A woman’s torso had landed in one of 5the small almond trees. Human flesh was still hanging on the tree five days after the attack, and more putrefying remains were tangled in the branches of a pomegranate tree, its bright scarlet flowers still blooming.”

A night-time attack by a U.S AC-130 Spectre gunship