In memory of


Sharpari, 10, daughter of Muhibullah, killed

Zumari, 10, son, injured

died on November 17, 2001

in the village of Charykari, in the lowlands near Khanabad, east of Kunduz. C.J. Chivers (New York Times) visited Charykari in early December 2001. Mr. Muhibullah, 40, took him through his home yard and pointed to three unexploded U.S. cluster bombs. A fourth landed near his porch but failed to explode. He pointed to a crater and said, “my son was sitting there, eating something, and the bomb that got him landed (t)here…it exploded when it hit, and the metal went inside him.” The boy, Zumarai, 5, lay in the Kunduz hospital with wounds to his leg and abdomen. His sister, Sharpari, 10, was killed.” Mr. Muhibullah said, “the United States killed my daughter and injured my son…six of my cows were destroyed and all of my wheat and rice was burned…I am very angry. I miss my daughter.”

Victims of another U.S. cluster bomb air strike