In memory of



Sharif Jan, 12, killed

Another boy, 8, killed


on October 22, 2002


at Hadda Farm (Farmada or Farmihadda) about 20 kms south of Jalalabad, by a BLU-97 cluster bomblet. Another 8-year old boy also died in the same incident. The area had been heavily cluster bombed by U.S. warplanes during October-November 2001. It was the place of an old Soviet-style collective farm and later allegedly an Al Qaeda training camp, but which had been abandoned when the Taliban came to power, a fact conveniently glossed over by the mainstream media in its haste to equate Farmada with Al Qaeda. Jason Burke reported in mid-1999 that Farmada had become bin Ladenís new home in Afghanistan since April 1999 and that bin Laden moved frequently between Jalalabad and Kandahar.

The photo shows Sharif Jan (RAWA photo).

 Killed by an unexploded BLU-97 cluster bomblet manufactured by Raytheon (details at )