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Shah Mohammed, 26, a baker

abducted in November 2001, imprisoned for 2 years in Camp Delta

near Mazar-e-Sharif. From the province of Dir, Pakistan, Shah Mohammed set off for Afghanistan in 2000 and found employ working in a bakery in Mazar. When the Taliban fled southward in early November 2001, Mohammed was picked up by U.S. forces. He was hooded and bundled off to the U.S. gulag in Guantanamo where he says he was stripped, beaten, tortured. He attempted suicide four times while there. Eventually, his U.S. captors released him (in November 2003) and he returned to his family in Dir. His family says his mind and spirit are broken. Neighbors say Mohammed does not talk, noting “he is a lost man now.” In a recent interview with a Boston Globe reporter, Mohammed spoke only in disjointed sentences, repeating over and over, “I am a baker of bread.” His uncle, Han Mohammed, 40, said, “This is not the same Shah Mohammed that he was before. People are angry. Why did they do this to an innocent man?” A small crowd gathered as his uncle fumed, “Osama [bin Laden] is a hero for Muslims…”

abducted by U.S. Special Forces near Mazar and tortured in Guantanamo