In Memory of


Sayed Nasim Aghah, 55



died on October 16, 2001

in the neighborhood of Bagh-e-Pul in western Kandahar city. A U.S. bomb hit the truck of Sayed Nasim Aghah, father of nine and a driver, killing him. On Tuesday, October 16th heavy U.S. bombing of Kandahar and the Bagh-e-Pul neighborhood took place. A Taliban Information Ministry official, Abdul Hanan Himat, said 13 people died in Bagh-e-Pul and two trucks were damaged by flying bomb shrapnel on the outskirts of the city. The report on Sayed Nasim Aghah is based upon an interview in Bagh-e-Pul dated March 21, 2001 and carried out by a member of the team of Marla Ruzicka.

A U.S. “precision” strike upon a civilian truck