In memory of


Saya Begum, a 6-yr-old girl

Rayhan Begum, an 11-yr-old girl

died on October 26, 2001

in the village of Wazir Abad, 3 kms west of the Kabul airport. A U.S “precision” bomb hity the mud brick Begum family home and two adjacent homes. The 2 sisters, Saya and Rayhan, died instantly, whereas their parents could be extracted from the rubble according to a neighbor. the neighbor, a widow, whose home was partially damaged by the U.S. bomb described the scene to an Agence France Presse reporter, “I had to force open the door [of my home] to get out and then I heard shouting and screaming from next door…they managed to get the mother and father out but both girls were dead.” A few moments later, a second bomb flattened the home of Razia, a widow. The Begum family – Sherin Agha, father, Mahar Begum, mother, and 2 surviving sons – then moved to the Bagram area.

A U.S “precision” bomb precisely destroys the Begum home