In memory of


Sardar Muhammad Makai, 22, a male street vendor

Bilal Gulam Rasul, 4, a boy

Kaled Gulam Rasul, 6, a boy

Wares Gulam Rasul, 12, a boy

Samin Gulam Rasul, 9, a boy

Sukuria Rasul, 30, a mother

Said Mir-Said Jan, 55, a male

Said Mir-Said Mir, 26, a woman

Nazira-Said Mir, 21, a woman

Sofi Kasim, 39, a woman

Aziza-Khuja Fagir, 23, a woman

Hashmatullah’s older brother


died at 7:58 AM on October 21, 2001

in the poor neighborhood of Parod Gajaded (New Project) in the Khair Khana district of Kabul. The U.S attack killed some 18 civilians in three families (the Rasul, Said (or Sayed) Mir, and the Makai families), in this neighborhood of northwestern Kabul. The U.S warplanes probably targeted the barracks of the Taliban’s 16th Army Division at Badam Bagh as well as the facilities of Al Qaeda’s 055th Brigade, both more than 1 km away. The “precision” strike killed 9 members of the Rasul extended family (see above) who had just sat down for breakfast, killed Sardar’s 23-yr-old wife Aziza Sarwar, killed 8 other neighbors members of one family, injured more than 20 persons, and destroyed three homes. When the first bomb fell, Sardar Muhammed, 22, lept out of bed but a piece of shrapnel killed him instantly. Gul Makai, 35, a widow was Sardar’s mother. He was her only son. Her husband was killed in the early 90s in the intra-mujahideen battles. Sardar sold fruit in a market from a wheelbarrow. Ghulam Mohammad Rasul, the head of family, was severely injured. Muhammed Sardar, 50, was a surviving relative of the Rasul family. Ghulam’s wife Sukuria, 30, was killed as well as her 4 sons. He said the family had moved three years ago from an area near the Bagram airbase north of Kabul to escape intense fighting there. At a nearby hospital in Kabul, Dr. Izetullah, wept as a pulled back bloodstained sheets to show the bodies of the four children – all boys aged 4-12 – captured in a Reuters photo at (the type of photo banned from the mainstream U.S corporate media). A 15-yr-old boy, Hashmatullah lived in Parod Gajaded and saw his older brother killed that early morning by flying bricks when a U.S bomb hit. He said, “I am angry at America because they killed my brother. You must tell them that they bombed and killed civilians.”

A U.S “precision” strike carried out by two U.S Navy F/A-18 jets which dropped two GBU-12 laser-guided 500 lb precision bombs