In memory of

Sardar Mahai, 20

Two members of the Mirza family


died in the early AM of October 13, 2001

in a poor neighborhood close to Kabul’s airport. U.S warplanes had targeted a military helicopter parked at the airport, buut the JDAM “precision” bomb missed by more than 1.5 kms. It landed in a poor neighborhood, killing 4 persons (including 2 members of the Mirza family), injuring many others and flattening 4 homes. The U.S “precision” bomb killed Sardar, 20, son of a widow, Gul Mahai, 35, as he was preparing to go to market selling fruit from a wheelbarrow. The bomb left a huge crater (see photo at: ). Mohammed Shoaib, whose home was destroyed, said, “we have no way to rebuild our homes. What will we do?” Mohammed Wali, a moneychanger added, “Usama is not in Kabul – he is not living in mud houses of poor people.” Even the Pentagon admitted a bomb had “malfunctioned.” Residents stare at the rubble left after a U.S. “precision” attack which hit a poor neighborhood near Kabul airport (photo in the right: AP photo, Amir Shah)

A U.S Navy F/A-18 warplane drops a 2,000 lb JDAM “precision” bomb