In memory of


Faizal Mohammed, father

Faizal Mohammedís wife

Faizal Mohammedís  2 daughters

Faizal Mohammadís son

Ghulam Gilaniís brother

Ghulam Gilaniís sister-in-law

Ghulam Gilaniís 2 children

Sali Mohammed, a young man

in the village of Khazi Kariz, 15 kms south of Kandahar and close to Kandahar International Airport. Roving U.S warplanes hitting anything that moved, spotted an ancient, turquoise Russian truck-turned-taxi next to a compound of 6 homes. A ďprecisionĒ strike ensued. First, U.S projectiles hit the home of Faizal Mohammed, killing him, his wife, their 2 daughters and a son. Ghulam Gilaniís home was also struck, killing Ghulamís brother, sister-in-law, and their 2 children. The 10th person killed was Sali Mohammed, sleeping alone in his family house. Five other civilians were injured.

U.S warplanes fire rockets and drop bombs