In sympathy for


Saifullah, a 13-yr-old boy

injured by shrapnel at daybreak on December 3, 2001

while working with his father, Aminullah, in a field on the outskirts of Kandahar. A large U.S. bomb dropped out of the sky and exploded. U.S. warplanes were bombing just about anything that moved as Kandahar came under final assault. Refugees in Chaman reported seeing two farm tractors which had been carrying fleeing refugees lying on their sides, six trucks carrying wheat flour had been incinerated, two minibuses, two other trucks and one car lay burned out along the road from Kandahar to Spin Boldak. The photo above shows Gul Chin Alozai, 2, waiting with her family to enter a refugee camp at the Chaman border crossing.

U.S. “precision” air strikes