In memory of


Said Muhammad’s sister

Said Muhammad’s nephew, 7 yrs old

in November 2007


in the village of Musa Qala, Helmand Province. Jumakhan Said Muhammad was working on his land when he first heard the war planes. He recalls, “I looked up…suddenly a plane flew by [whose pilot was about to obliterate his sister and nephew] and I saw smoke rising from my house which was down the road.” He ran towards his home where villagers were calling his name. He continues, “The house was split in half by the bomb. The walls were collapsed and crumbled. Blood was pouring from my nephew like it was water. He had shrapnel in his brain and stomach. I then saw my sister’s headscarf peeking out from underneath the rubble and so we raced desperately to save her. When we pulled her out from the wreckage I saw her body – she was completely cut in half. I started to scream…” We know about this only because of the independent reporting by Anand Gopal/Inter Press Service - IPS (Rome, Italy).

 “Blood was pouring from my 7-yr-old nephew like it was water”


Killed in a “precision” day-time NATO air strike upon a home