In memory of


Sadar WAli, 16, son of Taj Gul

Muhammad Wali, 12, son of Ahmad Shah

killed in July 2006

in small towns north of Lashkar Gah, Helmand Province, when British forces called-in tactical air support. The bombing of towns like Nowshad, Musa Qala, Sangin and Kajaki was ferocious, killing many and wounding more. The International Organisation for Migration estimates that at least 4,000 civilians have fled the effects of “Operation Mountain Thrust.” The Times reports, “Left without homes by the bombings, they blame the British for their predicament.” Taj Gul, who lost his son, said, “My son, Sadar Wali, was killed by the British. He was 16… what have the British done in terms of reconstruction? Nothing. In terms of stability? Nothing. They have only brought destabilization and insecurity. Before the British we had no problem. We prefer the Taleban. They brought us peace and security.” Ahmad Shah’s mother, Shanaz, added, “The British were meant to be here as peacekeepers, but all they brought is destruction.” Shanaz’s grandson, Muhammad Wali, 12, was killed in a British air strike.”

Collateral damage of UK-US air strikes