In memory of


Sabara’s 6 extended family members

died in the middle of the night on November 18, 2001

on a highway leading out of Gardez, capital of Paktia. U.S warplanes attacked anything moving on roads and highways as the Taliban fled Kabul southward. A U.S warplane bombed a group of Afghan civilians who were fleeing on foot the U.S bombing in Gardez. Sabara, 27, lost 6 members of her extended family. Sabara said, “the Americans were attacking vehicles, so we were on foot.” A U.S warplane bombed her group anyways. The U.S “precision” bomb mangled her right leg as well as wounding 7 other family members. Sabara’s right leg was amputated. In July 2002, she returned home to her five children with a new artificial leg.

A U.S “precision” air strike