In memory of


Nourali, a son

Jaber, 10, a son

Janaan, 8, a son

Salamo, 6, a son

Twayir, 4, a son

Palwasha, 2, a daughter

died on November 28, 2001

in the Kazikarez neighborhood of Kandahar city. Mahmat and Rukia, 39, lost their family when a U.S bomb hit their home. Rukia was wounded in the stomach and her left arm was also shattered, she fled before she could bury her six dead children. She was nearly bombed again while riding with a relative to a hospital in Quetta, Pakistan. From her hospital bed in the Sandeman Provincial Hospital, she said, “they’re bombing anything that moves. It’s not true that they bomb civilians by accident…” Rukia covered her face and started to cry when asked about her children. She responded, “Destroy, finish, terminate America.” Rukia shared a room with a 10-year-old girl who lost half her leg in a U.S bombing attack. In another room, another Kandahar victim, Abdul Qadir, 33, writhed in pain from shrapnel wounds in his stomach. His brother, Rahmat Ullah, 28, said, “I’m very angry against America. What was his fault? He was an innocent man working in his shop.”

U.S “precision” strikes in the city of Kandahar