In memory of


Roquia, 14

Dadkhuda family’s daughter, 18

Mrs Dadkhuda and 2 sons injured

Roquia’s 2 brothers severely injured

 on October 14, 2001


in the poor mud brick neighborhood of Qala-e-Wakil in the Bibi Mahro district of Kabul just west of the airport. The U.S. “precision” strike killed Roquia, 14, and severely injured her two brothers, Moquim, 18, and Parviz 16. The family was from the Mir Bacha Kot district. The projectile was aimed at a Taliban bunker, but missed. Three homes were destroyed according to a resident, Qand Agha. Another resident of Qala-e-Wakil said, “apart from this hand cart and God, I have nothing.” The home of Dadkhuda was damaged by the U.S. projectile, killing the older daughter aged 18 and wounding Mrs. Dadkhuda and her two sons. Photos of the destroyed homes may be seen at



Another U.S. “precision” air strike