In Memory of


Rimatullah’s wife

Arifa, his second wife

Miyam, 12, their daughter

Arafa, 3, their daughter

Qadratullah, a son

Azizullah, 10, another son



died between November 17-21, 2001

in the hamlet of Khwaja Palak just south of Khanabad city. A U.S. “precision” bomb totally destroyed the home of Rimatullah, 35, a worker and father of four. The Agence France Presse reported from the town of Bangi that B-52’s began unloading carpets of bombs around Khanabad on November 15th. He is the only survivor. Report and photo of Rimatullah’s home based upon on-site visit, March 22, 2002 by a member of the team of Marla Ruzicka.

Fierce carpet-bombing by B-52H’s and F-14’s of the Khanabad area