In memory of


Rauf, 12, son of Alam Zair

Alam Zair, 40

Abdul Karem, Zairís older brother

Five male elders

Critically injuring Zairís wife

Killed at around 1:30 A.M. on August 24, 2006

in a hamlet of Bar Shultan along the Kunar River, Shegal (Shigal) district some 30 kms northeast of Asadabad, Kunar Province. Villagers had gathered in the evening to settle a land feud in a compound which was attacked by U.S. forces. Seven adults and one boy were killed according to locals (including the deputy provincial police chief and local elders) and 4-5 persons were abducted. A tribal elder of the area, Haji Karimullah, told Pajwok Afghan News that the elders including the victims had gathered in a house early in the day to solve a local land dispute. After the discussion, some left the jirga assembly and went to their homes while others remained in the house which was then attacked by U.S. forces after midnight. Eight people were killed and five more were injured and abducted. A survivor, Malik Namatullah, said that U.S. commandoes wearing camouflage uniforms, night-vision scopes and black baklavas concealing all but their eyes, suddenly appeared on the roof of his mud-walled compound. It was a warm night so five of the elders dragged wood-framed beds and thin mattresses outside the mud walls to sleep in the breeze, Nematullah said. The commandos first shot 4 of these men in the head. Alam Zairís older brother was gunned down when he ran out of his house with a lamp, hearing the firing. The commandos then climbed the mud walls and fired into the kitchen, killing Alam Zairís 12-year-old son and critically injuring his wife. Nematullah was not shot because he remained still which probably saved his life from the marauding U.S. commandos.

The photo (by John Costello of the Philadelphia Inquirer) shows a young boy whose father and brother were killed by the U.S. commandos. Details for the above come from an article written by Andrew Maykuth for the Phildelphia Inquirer (September 14, 2006).

The Shegal region has long been a stronghold of Hekmatyarís Hezb-i-Islami veteran commander Haji Kashmir Khan. The U.S. military propaganda machine in the guise of Colonel Tom Collins in Kabul predictably proclaimed that those killed and injured were ďAl Qaeda facilitators,Ē which was duly transcribed and broadcast by much of the obliging western press corps. The U.S. military specifically named Alam Zair as an ďAl Qaeda facilitatorĒ although all villagers and the local police chief denied such.

Killed by members of the 3rd Battalion, 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment of the U.S. Army based at forward operating base, Naray, Kunar Province.