In memory of


Ramin, 15, a boy

died on March 24, 2002

on the way to a picnic in the beautiful gardens of Takht-e-Safar, 10 kms north of Heart, built on the slopes of Firooz Khan mountains. Ramin, 15, and 4 other boys were heading to the gardens. One of the five boys picked up a U.S cluster bomblet. It exploded, killing Ramin instantly. The 4 other boys suffered injuries: Soraj, 12, lost both legs; Ismaeel, 16, was wounded in the chest; Farhad, 18, injured his foot; and Waheed, 5, was hurt in the chest and head. U.S Special Forces based nearby had cleared the field surface, but failed to clear the sub-surface where cluster bombs often penetrate. The areas north of Herat were very heavily cluster bombed by B-52s flying out of Diego Garcia in later October 2001.

An unexploded U.S cluster bomb