In memory of


Rabia, 16, daughter of Abdul Qayum

killed early September 22/23, 2006

in Farah City. U.S-led ISAF occupation forces burst into a home at night (as usual), killed a 16-yr old girl and abducted two men (brothers) according to the brother of the detained men, Abdur Rauf, director of the Farah Rural Development agency. The police chief of Farah, General Sayed Agha Saqib said the occupation soldiers opened fire upon the girl as she was resisting the arrest of her father and uncle. Local residents are furious about the killing. When the Afghan Islamic Press contacted the spokesperson of the Provisional “Reconstruction” Team in Farah, Romell Ward, he said, “we are currently getting all the facts together, we will have a response later today.” Translated this means that they are working on a lie to weasel out of this killing of a 16-yr-old girl. We now know the lie: the girl was shot dead because she pointed an AK-47 Kalashnikov at the occupation forces while they were engaging in a “peaceful search.”! More than a month later, RAWA supporters identified the killed girl as Rabia, 16, daughter of Abdul Qayum.

Killed by U.S.-led ground forces